First 3 month follow up after chemo

First 3 month follow up after chemo

Well I went to the Cleveland Clinic for my first 3 month follow up after having BR from December to May. I am happy to report that the Dr says I'm in complete remission and that my numbers are great! He says he found nothing in all of the tests they did!

I have 11q and Im CD38+ so I was so scared about everything when I first started reading about it in December when I was diagnosed. I thought my life was over. I thought I would be leaving my 12 kids motherless.

Everything went so fast for me. I went from completely healthy to having swollen lymph nodes in my neck so big that I was losing my airway. I was diagnosed on a Friday and started chemo that Monday. Now the dr says that I'm rocking! I go to both Cleveland Clinic and OSU so I know that Im in the very best hands!

I feel more comfortable now that everything really will be ok.

By the way...I plan on waiting out on a cure before I relapse!

We just have to stay focused on being healthy physically and mentally!

This site is the best place to go to stay focused and upbeat about our CLL!

Thanks to everyone that contributes to the knowledge and support on this site.

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  • Woo hoo! What a fantastic update - you are definitely rockin'!

    Keep going - that cure you mentioned is getting closer every day!☺

    Happy days!🌞


  • What fabulous news for our Earth Mother on here! It cheers me to hear that great news and your positivity momof12. May your remission never end and if it does, only when they've found a way to crack this totally! :-)

    Warm regards,


  • Great news! So happy for you!

  • What a great post. Thank you for sharing and may a relapse never come.

  • Excellent news - you seem to have had an even more rapid development of the CLL than I did (7 months or so from diagnosis to treatment) - but also complete remission after 4 rounds of BR. Still in remission after 4 years - hope you have a long one too.

    Good luck!

  • Fantastic news!!!!!

  • Hurray!!! Thank you so much for sharing your good news. :)

  • I love seeing posts lIke this! May your remission be a long one! Here's to many years of good health and happiness!


  • Such great news. 12 kids - wow, can't imagine!

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