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Pneumonian prevention

Hi all

Over the last 7 winters i have had either full blown pneumonia or severe chest infections requiring hospitalisation. I was treated with FCR in 2010/11 and managed 5 treatments. At my last appiontment i told my consultant of my concerns for this winter and he has given me 3 months of antibiotics to take as a preventative measure as i come to the period i normally get unwell. So hopefully i may steer clear of pneumonia this year.

I would also remind CLL sufferers that the pneumia vaccination should be redone every 5 years.

If anyone else suffers like this tell your fears to your consultant.


Mick S

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It is now recommend to have both vaccines in CLL, Prevnar13, followed by Pneumovax 23...

See the chart attached page 2...Weakened Immune Systems



Thanks Chris. I was aware of this but niether consultant or Gp seem to be. They did do a blood test to see if i was susceptable but i had a repeat pneumocal vacine in Feb but came out ok. Suggest other readers follow your thread though thankyou.

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I believe it's just the Pneumovax 23 that you get again.

I thought that the Prevnar was one and done.


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