Guttate psoriasis

Anyone else out there with this issue ? I've had it for about a year. I have both cll and et(essential thrombocytosis-high platelets) and am on Hydroxyurea. I don't know if this kind of chemo is making it worse or what. I have read that this type of psoriasis could be a streptococcal thing. My GP has me on a cortisone Glaxol mix cream but I'm starting to wonder if there is something more effective.My skin has become very dry, I'm creaming 2's a frustrating

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  • There is a post related to Glutate Psoriasis---see it At the top on the right side of the page-- under RELATED POSTS.

  • Thank you ,that did help. I been dismissing it as 'just a minor skin condition' but it has really got worse and reading that post I see I could be 'in for it' so will get proactive now. Thx

  • I was diagnosed with Psoriasis 30 years ago when I was in my early 40s. In spite is sun, creams etc. I was unable to control it. Diagnosed with CLL some 5 years ago I underwent chemo. and am now on Ibrutinib. Since the chemo my condition has cleared up. I suggested to my consultant that my treatment had controlled Psoriasis which he simply said was an expensive method of treating it. I am more and more convinced that there is an affinity with CLL and Psoriasis. Anyone agree?


  • Totally ! Thanks....Cat

  • Kit Kat

    Hope this soon goes away for you. Dosent sound very nice at all.


  • Well,I'm sure there's worse out there,but thank you,just having people to sound off at who really understand helps a lot....Cat

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