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FISH Results

Hello again,

Just got back from hubby's haematologist appointment with FISH results...it showed he has 13q- with RB1. Doctor said it is one of the better deletions. I have never heard of RB1, can anyone shed some light?

Otherwise bloods look good with white count only marginally increased. Ultrasound of lymph nodes/spleen were normal. Back to watch & wait for now however doc believes treatment may be in the 'nearer' future rather than far.

Still can't get her to take fatigue seriously despite his being over 60% Less active than he was 6 months ago.

Regarding trial for naive patients with Venetoclax she was keen to get him on it if he qualifies. I think by what I've read it's due to start in a few months here in Melbourne.

Thanks for letting me vent this forum is absolutely amazing and the information found here is invaluable. I definitely felt super equipped and armed with knowledge going into the appointment compared with the other times when everything went over my head!

Thanks again


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There are two types of 13q, one is small deletion and RB1gene remains, this is Type1. The other is a large deletion, and RB1 is damaged or removed. This is Type 2.

However percentages matter, and this has not been adopted universally in the clinic.

Irregardless 13q is the best FISH marker...

2011 study


This study from Canada



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Thank you for explaining, your time is appreciated ☺️


I'm confused. Did the article say 13 q is associated with shortened survival or did I read it wrong?


13q is the best maker, don't worry about RB1, not clinically used at the moment




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