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Can't get rid of fevers and picking up colds and chesty

Hi I was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago and still waiting for results on cells and immune system. I have had the flu jab but can't seem to shake this tight chest with phlegm and cough and fevers and tiredness. Is this just normal or the CLL? Don't have my appointment with the haematologist for another 4 weeks. Still in a bad place and shock with this.

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Hi... you need to see your GP in the next day or two... they are your 'go to' doctor... the days of waiting to see if something gets better...are over with the diagnosis of CLL generally.

I have adopted a 3 day rule... which has served me well... there are exceptions of course... shingles being the prime example... when hours matter.

Talk to your GP and get a fast tracked appointment procedure...many doctors will fit you in the same day or the next day... but the clerk needs to know...

All the best... let us know how it goes... also when you get better there are likely other vaccinations you will need... your haematologist can provide a list for your GP.


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Get an URGENT appointment with a doctor. Tell them you have CLL, I had similar symptoms to you and it turned out to be pneumonia. That first time I sat waiting, but coughing, for 2 hours. I left in an ambulance. If you have been a normally healthy person you may not recognise how ill you are now.


Hi Abloor

Welcome to our community. Sorry you have had the diagnosis which has resulted in your joining us, but pleased you found your way here. You will find this community a reliable resource as we have all learnt to live with Cll.

We understand the shock, upset and trauma that you are going through, and as you start on this journey you will find others you have faced similar feelings and who are now in a much calmer place.

Questions inevitably are answered, such as the reply you have had from Cllcanada, who has been through so much and contributes greatly with reliable answers and more technical detail.

I second his reply, with cll you need to get on top of your infections far more quickly. Do see your go to medical doctor to get some antibiotics. Don't wait to see your haematologist, though you could ring if you have their number for further advice.

Wishing you only good and a swift recovery, do let us know how you are when you feel up to it.

Best wishes



Thank you


When you say, see your hematologist, are you referring to your Oncologist?


Shortcake2... yes oncologist... however...

I think blood cancer patients generally are better served by a haematologist or perhaps a haematologist/oncologists.

Oncologists tend to be cancer generalist and specialize in a wide variety of solid tumor cancers...

Haematologist are blood cancer a lymphoma specialist.

Ideally, perhaps prior to treatment, patients should have a consultation with a CLL specialist, a doctor who's main interest is CLL and NHL, usually involved in clinical trials and research... this serves a second set of knowledgeable eyes and may also open doors to the latest treatments in clinical trials.

But sometimes this is simply not possible or practical.

I have had an excellent oncologist, who was a joy to work with....but now feel better served by a doctor who fully understands the grey areas of CLL and knows who spoke at ASH last December... 😄



I'll ask when I go back to MD Anderson about a Hematologist. They've never mentioned one to me


Went to the doctor and have severe bronchitis was lucky it hadn't gone to pneumonia. Antibiotics, steroids and puffer. Been 3 days on drugs still feeling not well but will go back on Monday if no better. My appointment with the haematologist is on the 5 Sept.


Good to hear you saw your doctor a loot, and are being treated. Hopefully you will start feeling a little better after the weekend.

Please let us know how you get on.




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