Coping With a CLL Diagnosis

Coping With a CLL Diagnosis

Interview with Tina Sapienza, LMSW, OSW-C, Oncology Social Worker Columbia University Medical Center and Nicole Lamanna, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Columbia University Medical Center

Andrew Schorr interviews a panel of CLL experts about coping with a new diagnosis and all the feelings associated with that. Watch the full video below to hear from the CLL experts.

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  • The emotional needs of the newly diagnosed CLL patient are massively neglected particularly in the UK (not sure if the US do better) so this is a very important subject.


  • Yes, I was given a booklet about CLL by the Haematologist and then went home to tell my husband the diagnosis.🙁

  • I can't connect to this one either--this is the second from Patient Power that i can't access--I have an aging Mac, so may be my need to update.

  • I cannot connect either cllady01. 2nd time for me also. I have Android tablet on it dosent seem to matter how old.


  • I am trying to see if I can view it on the patient power site--so far no luck.

  • tried from google with the link--it is there, but I can't access.

  • Ok and good luck.


  • Link worked for me... (via Chrome on a PC with Windows 7)

  • Here is the direct video link...

    If your Mac is running Snow Leopard or older there are no updates for new video drivers etc.

    You might want to consider an iPad... I have had Macs since 1984 but now far prefer the iPad...


  • Thank you for sharing this!

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