Are we really all in this together?


What does a CLL patient and advocate have in common with a diabetes or HIV or RA or psoriasis advocate? Turns out the answer is plenty.

I am just back from a summit of online health advocates and I sure learned a lot from other disease communities.

Please take a look at one of my more old school style blog post at Been so busy with the nonprofit and seeing patients, the blog has suffered.

Thanks and be well


3 Replies

  • Thanks Brian, for that insightful overview into why communities such as this one can thrive in comparison to those for acute illnesses.  I hope many more take the time to read your blog and reflect on the opportunities provided from having a chronic health condition.


  • Well worth reading. Thank you.


  • Thank you  for the insights in your blog article. It was interesting read, and brought up concepts that I might have otherwise overlooked.  

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