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Outrunning my cancers

Hi everybody, I will be running a marathon on April 10th (2 weeks from now) and would appreciate your support even if it is just thoughts and prayers.  This is my website.  I hope you can see it, sometimes links don't come through right and you may have to cut and paste into browser.  Thanks.

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Inspirational stuff! I love your style, your name and your sheer determination. Like the Melissa Etheridge song, 'I run for life', you keep running for yours and for all of us who rely on this pioneering research.

Massive good wishes,



Sorry I cannot afford to sponsor you, but my thoughts and prayers are free, so I offer them to you gladly. Will be thinking of you on the 10th.


I finished a 10 miler this past Saturday. I too was part of Team in Training. Best of luck and best wishes to you on your training and marathon!


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