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"Reimagining the Hospital Experience of Cancer" - Contest seeking ideas to improve the experience for people affected by CLL

Do you have ideas that could help improve the hospital experience of people living with cancers like CLL or SLL?

We all know that the hospital experience can be frequent, daunting, and all consuming. To help support and manage this journey, AbbVie Pharmaceutical Company has created a global program, reaching Argentina, the UK, Canada, Israel, Europe and other regions

As part of this initiative, the “Re imagining the Hospital Experience of Cancer” contest aims to bring together ideas from patients, innovators, friends, family members, and caregivers who are impacted by and interested in improving the hospital experience (clinic appointments, monitoring, treatment, chemo sessions and inpatient stays).

Are you interested in sharing your ideas and becoming part of the solution to improve the lives of those living with CLL/SLL. The topic is broader than just CLL/SLL, but the focus after the contest will be to enhance the experience of a CLL/ SLL patient.

This innovative crowd sourcing initiative requires input and ideas from people who are affected by CLL to combine with those from innovators and stakeholders who may not have CLL experience, to help generate ideas to improve the lives of people affected by CLL. You can also help expand other peoples ideas and use your CLL patient/carer experience to keep this on point .

There are prizes for the three winning ideas from the total of €6000

To learn more about the contest, visit

If you have an idea that could make a difference?

•Visit and create a profile

•Upload your idea

•Chat with other patients, health practitioners, and caregivers

This contest is open to everyone, no matter where they live. Closing date for submissions is April 13, 2016.

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