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Summit Opportunity of those interested in Online Patient Advocacy

HealtheVoices 2016 is a great idea and a super opportunity for anyone wanting to share best practices and needing to learn that we are not alone in our struggles to build an online patient community.

What is it is a summit that mixes together established online superstars and passionate health advocates and new learners in the digital domain.

What we all have in common is a passion to advocate for our fellow patients and caregivers, a willingness to share, and an openness to learning.

Last year there were folks there from the HIV and cancer and arthritis and colitis and diabetes and psychiatric worlds, all using the internet as a tool for education and support. While it is mostly young advocates, all ages are represented. I learnt so much and made many new friends.

Below is a link to a video from last year's event:

If you look carefully, you might see me and catch my name in the credits.

This year the conference will be in Chicago April 15-17.

So if you share my need to help other patients on the world wide web through your blog or Twitter of Facebook or wherever, please consider applying.

The link to apply and learn more is

See you there.


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