Why cancer cells thrive when blood sugar is high

Why cancer cells thrive when blood sugar is high

Note that this finding is from studying solid tumours in fruit flies. If the effect is confirmed people, the implication is that we need to be more careful about weight control and diet to avoid developing diabetes. As the article concludes:

"We still don’t know if tumors caused by other genes respond to sugar in the same way.”

“Our results suggest that if we can develop drugs to target SIK, and stop it from alerting cancer cells in this way, then we may be able to stop cancer cells from thriving in an insulin-resistant environment and break the connection between obesity and cancer.” (My emphasis)

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  • Response from a diabetic...Eeek! :-(

    Definite implications and issues to consider Neil *cancel that biscuit with my cuppa!


  • How on earth do these people develop and measure tumors in fruit flies?!? It would be an interesting process to watch, I'm sure.

  • I am attracted to this concepts that link Diabetes to Cancers. Though so much is in place with these two life styles. I continue to hear that our immune system plays the biggest role in taking us to these communities.

    A modest diet with a active life style is always best. Even with this I have found myself well identified in these two rooms. My sister said out loud once how odd a boy who rarely ever was ill has become so ill. No stretch to see that my white blood cells have been misguided through my later life. First causing Diabetes then leukemia.

    Can I expect to set things right? You never would want to push hope over. So I say I hope to set all of these things righter.

    I need to build up steam within myself to be more active. The last weeks I have not pushed myself at all. I eat modestly so I am good there. I must resist this fatigue somehow. I could see myself being a big target for more of these unwelcome arrows.

  • I've noticed that sugar and alcohol seem to really inflame the pain in my hand that has nerve damage from a recent shingles episode. Maybe it's happening all over my body? anyway I've stopped having both until the hand fully recovers.

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