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After being on Ibrutinib for 8 months, my numbers started to crawl up, so Gazyva was added to the mix. Since then, I have been so nauseated I barely go out of the house. I have tried every nausea medicine out there, and next week I'm going to try acupuncture. I had the same reaction to Rituxan and wonder if this is the problem. I also used to have a condition called gastroparesis, but that is long gone. I'm wondering if possibly that is coming back. I don't know where to turn. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Sorry you are feeling poorly Meesh. Not being a medical person I just wanted to offer my sympathy. Do you have a urgent number to contact where you have the treatment given, if so I would give them a call. You obviously need a qualified medical person to answer your question. Hope this helps a little.

Best wishes.


P's hope you soon feel better.


Did you try Ativan? It works for nausea. Try ginger tea also.

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Be careful with the Ativan. It works but is highly potent and physically addictive if used regularly for more than 2-4 weeks. I speak from experience. I am just starting a slow reduction after 6 months of use to avoid serious and possible life threatening withdrawal effects from cold turkey withdrawal methods. Try zophran or compazine for nausea.

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I do take Zofran, but it's not doing anything, and I'm sensitive to Compazine.

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If you must use Ativan only use it sparingly and for a very short period of time.

I find crystallised ginger works for me. Hope you find something.

Best wishes,


I know gastroparesis causes nausea as well. I am wondering whether an adjustment to your treatment for that might help if that condition is not under control. So sorry you are suffering. I am on ibutrinib and my numbers are climbing as well after nine months. I hope this new drug helps and you find something to take away the nausea. Acupuncture has been very effective for me with other issues. Wishing you the best.

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I'm trying acupuncture next week and will hope for good results as well. Thank you for writing!

The acupuncture has really helped, along with a watch that I purchased called a Reliefband. I'm grateful!

I have to go back on this. The aucupuncture heldped minimally, and the watch (Reliefband) I wound up sending bacik. I might add these work on my girlfriend, so don't use me as a tester. They might work fine on you!

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