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Am I a hypochondriac?

Hi all - I'd welcome your comments on a problem I've got. Diagnosed four years ago, and lucky enough to be WAW for most of the time. But my problem is this, and I'm not sure if it's CLL related:

I seem to have semi-permanent pain in my left side. It's like having a bad stitch. The weird thing is that the pain seems to come and go with the CLL symptoms. I still go to the gym for a mild workout, and that doersn't make the pain any worse. Or any better.

The doc suspected my spleen a few years ago, but I had a scan and apparently it looked ok (if slightly swollen). I really don't want to pester the doc again, but the pain is sometimes quite bad.... What should I do?

Thanks for any opinions/advice!

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Certainly doesn't sound like hypochondria to me David because as I've found, even a slightly swollen spleen can cause the very symptoms you describe on the left side.

Hopefully your doc is monitoring your spleen and watching for changes in your RBC/haemoglobin and platelet levels?

If this pain is really starting to bother you, I'd mention it to your doc because it's entirely relevant and one of the more classic symptoms of CLL.

This is an old but very relevant explanation of the function of the spleen by Chaya Venkat which I find very useful;

Don't feel your being a bother to your doctor because you're not.

Best wishes,



Thanks for posting this, it's lovely to read Chaya's sensible, clear and very human posting. She's much missed and her influence in this CLL community has been huge and continues on.

Does anyone have news of how Chaya is doing these days?


If you have been seen by a CLL doctor, then start back with your GP...they are generalists...and often from my experience... have a different world view than an oncologists...

While CLL seems to donimate our medical landscape, lots of other things can and do occur ...totally unrelated...


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Hi David,

like you I was diagnosed in 2011 (W&W) and just recently have experienced discomfort on my left side, like a stitch that comes and goes. My GP sent me for an ultrasound scan (just had it yesterday) and they were able to tell me that my spleen was slightly enlarged. I have an appointment next week to discuss the scan with haematology.



Both my wife and I have had similar pains, and at the recommendation of Dr. Furman saw a specialist in Physiatry

The Physiatrist prescribed physical therapy for each of us, but very different instructions for the therapist. We both have been amazed at the improvements, and the benefits of the exercises and stretches used to keep the pain away. But even though we thought we had the same problem, the exercise and treatments are very different.





Thanks to you all for replying.

Some really useful information here, especially the article by Chaya. And thanks to Suzanne1970 - I'd be interested to know how you get on after your appointment.

I do try to keep physically healthy; I rarely drink alcohol, don't smoke and am regular at the local gym. I'll make an appointment with my GP - good point about them being "generalists" and report back here in the new year.

Can I take this opportunity to send ALL of you my best wishes at this time. There's such a lot of good sense on this forum. Thank you all very very much.



I have the same problem just yesterday I was in severe pain and today its gone. It scares me because I think it might be my spleen.


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