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crypto free bottled water?

At first decided to stick with tap water on the basis that I was lucky to have clean water at all. But looking into it it does seem that the cryptosporidium parasite is always a possibility, including in some filtered and bottled water. I wonder if anyone has identified water that is purified to eliminate crypto. According to DAFRA tone sure this water must be treated by reverse osmosis or distilled. Any thoughts before I go and peer at every bottle in Sainsburys?


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Hi I boil tap water. When cool pour into clean screw top bottles (they go in the dishwasher). Then any sediment at the bottom just gets thrown away. Best wishes

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Thanks - i was thinking of this. How long do you need to boil it for? More than a kettle boil?

Best to you



I just boil the once. I don't think it matters how long just so long as it's boiled. Best wishes


I spent a couple of minutes reading bottled water labels and chose is city tap water that has been put through additional filtration, ozone and reverse osmosis...

It tastes very flat, compared to spring sources... but is somewhat more tasty than distilled water...

Find a brand and stick to it... my advice. Then there is the issue of the use of hydrocarbons... but recycling helps


We should never drink deionised/demineralised/distilled or even unprocessed desalinated water. It's bad for your health because the water, lacking minerals, strips them from your body. I know this personally due to two incidents in my career.

1) Early in my career, I worked in in Integrated Circuit production facility, where deionised water (ultra-pure, no minerals or other contaminants) was used for processing the silicon wafers and was also provided to special taps for use in other cleaning processes. Staff though it would be excellent for drinking or use in tea - until management directed it not be used due to the health risk.

2) When I worked for a water authority that had early experience in water desalination, I was told by the engineers concerned that they had to add minerals to the desalinated water - not only to make the water palatable, but also to stop erosion of the water pipes! This is standard practice nowadays with reticulated water from desalination plants; ensuring the water has the right pH and an acceptable mineral balance.

But don't just take my word for it, read this extract from a WHO publication:



The plot thickens usual!

According to this US site

need to do rolling boil for at least a minute....

Aquafina seems to be American and have sought equivalent in UK, AquaPura but no mention on their site of treatment process. I have emailed them to ask about their treatment. More soon!

Given the panic in Blackpool earlier this year re crypto in water, I am surprised no water company has responded to this issue.

And thanks!

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I live in the country and have a well for my water supply. I have the quality checked regularily but just to be on the safe side I have an undersink cartridge filter feeding a dedicated drinking water tap and usually, not always, boil the water.

It takes little effort. I have a nice, stylish T-Fal 1-liter kettle which sits on it's matching induction heater base so there are no wire to plug and unplug. It turns itself off after boiling so whenever it gets low I just refill it, put on base, turn on and go about my business.

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