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Personal Update on my CLL: I am doing well with a near normal MR and no evidence of resistance to Ibrutinib at 42 months


All good news: routine lab,nodal imaging and testing for mutations that foretell ibrutinib resistance. Details on blog:

Been under much stress related to my every 10 year family practice board exams. It tests on everything from obstetrics to ICU care. There is much discussion of the irrelevance of the day long test to the real world of primary care and other specialty groups such as internal medicine have done away or revamped their exams recently in recognition of the changing nature of medical care, but sadly not family medicine.

Hematology which is > 90% of what I do and research is only 1% of the family medicine exam, so I need to study.

The review binder is 3400 pages long. Questions can be and have been on anything from shoulder dystocia in stage two of labor, ER management of seizures and heart attacks, multi-drug resistance TB, pediatric and congenital heart disease, and victims of bioterrorism. Things I just don’t take care of anymore.

There might be one question on CLL in the all day of testing, but I doubt it.

So I am offline for CLL for a week until the exam is in the rearview mirror.

No emails, no posts, no nothing for 6 days.

Let’s see if I can stick with it.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Bye for a few days


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Wishing you good luck with your exams Brian. Don't know how you do it all and still find time for us. Peggy.


Sending good thoughts your way...take a deep know this stuff! Terry


So glad you're doing well. Best of luck with the exams.


Brian, very happy to hear about your good health news. Thank you for all you do; you make a difference for us! You will ace this exam! Cynthia


Great news on all the results Brian

And very best of luck with the study for the exams.



Good luck.



Excellent. Great news on your health. Hope the exams go well.


Best of luck, Brian! You'll ace the boards!


Wishing you all the luck in the world! You are a busy man, but hang in there!


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