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Anyone on here with AML my husband has this he has had sepsi twice in three month how do you cope also have you had sweats at night . He is now on low dose chemo because he is 75 his heart and lungs are very healthy is there anything we can do to keep him fit in the winter he has been diagnosed since August he has transfusions every four weeks . Any help would be great fully received

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Hi Cassie,

AML can be a rare complication of CLL treatment, but unfortunately I doubt you'll find anyone with AML with a similar experience to your husband in this community. Night sweats are however common with CLL, so you may be able to find some help for your husband from members that have shared their experiences and tips on how to deal with this sleep disturbing symptom here:

Likewise, here are some posts on sepsis:

and avoiding infection:

With regard to keeping fit in winter, we're an international community, so your winter may be different from ours. Are you worried about the dangers of your husband exercising in the cold and damp or the higher risk of catching infections in the winter months or something else? If your husband prefers to stay inside and away from others in the winter, then perhaps a stationary bike may be a good investment?



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