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Variability in platelet count

I am ten weeks into the clinical trial with ACP-196 and all is going well. My white count rose and peaked at about day 60 and has decreased 25% to today (day 85). I arbitrarily put a cubic polynomial through these data.

But the platelets are all over the lot and there is no way to put a curve through the data that makes any kind of sense.

Can someone shed some insight into either the expected error bars for laboratory tests of platelets or the natural variability of platelet count?


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Ramses, I've seen reported repeatability factors for automated platelet counting of between 10 and 40. Platelets are difficult to count with automated instruments, because they clump, so a manual count is required to properly determine an accurate count if a count looks to be dangerously low. In your case, it looks like your average is around 140, which is barely below the lower normal range limit and considerably in excess of where you are likely to have a higher risk of bleeding or bruising.

So I agree with you that 'all is going well' and hope for you and all of us that it continues to do so. If ACP-196 can provide the same or better benefits as Ibrutinib with less side effects, that will be absolutely fantastic news for the CLL community.



I to am on ACP-196 started March 2015. Thou I dont have an answer to your question i can say mine have also bounced around. At this point my other numbers are normal execpt platlets just under the norm. Bouncing between 116 and 136. For the last 2 months i beleive that even though they are on the low side they work better - as I havent brused in that time.

Also on the low side are my IgG - hoping it starts to rise on its own.


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