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Hi All...I posted earlier last year that my oncologist mentioned that I have very early stages of CLL. My blood counts have maintained steady for this entire time with exception of my platelet count. I'm told normal range here is 150,000 to 450,000. My platelet count for 10 months remained between 35,000 and 45,000 till last month. In November it went up to 56,000 and in December it went up to 83,000. I take it this is a good thing, but curious on the 50,000 jump or is this a fluke? I don't see my Doc until the end of Febuary and will have a blood check at the end of January. The only thing I changed to my diet which is fairly healthy was to eat green apples, added shrimp and eliminating dark diet cola. Has this happened to others with platelets? And does the diet affect anything at all? I have had "No Alcohol" for one year plus one month. Thanks... Mitch


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17 Replies

  • Hi Mpaull,

    Just seen my oncologist a few hours ago and my platelet count went down to 98,000 and I am having pain on my left side. My dr. is sending me for a scan to check out my spleen. Do you have any pain on your left side with your platelets so low? Thank you

  • No pain whatsoever. My Oncologist keeps asking me the same question. Due to drinking in the past my liver and spleen are enlarged. I have had three scans and two ultrasounds in 10 months. I have been off alcohol for one year plus one month. I due suffer from fatigue ... Not every day ... It's seems to hit me once a week, but no pain. Thanks helenolton!!!

  • good job watching your diet, but unlikely much you have or can do to do that would affect your plt counts... dehydration and inflammation can cause a temporary jolt or drop, but also the invisible CLL,,, the one piece no one talks about. Marrow. even without any painful, visible nodes or an enlarged spleen, or liver, if your marrow is storing CLL cells your plts will go likely go down. Or you could have an accumulation of many not so huge nodes deeper inside where only a scan can see them.... hard to say since your tests are far apart if these are 'flukes' or trends. can you ask for a repeat sooner? just to set your mind at ease?

    my CLL is mostly in my marrow and hidden nodes... I'm a mixed 11, with a few other weird things .... both times marrow was nearly 90% CLL. while bloods other than plts looked fairly un scary.

    hoping for a good answer. best, Beth

  • Hi Beth.. My marrow shows 5% to 10% abnormalities. Nodes are find. These are checked every two months. Since I stopped drinking alcohol, I am getting plenty of water, if anything ... I may be drinking too much water. Thanks again!!!

  • That could be the ticket... Hydration can affect counts. I'm just not sure which way water makes them go. i do know it is apparently possible to super hydrate, though I'm not suggesting that's the case with you. I believe one has to consume quite a lot of water for it to be "too much". Sounds like your marrow is fine and it seems the other hiding places aren't in trouble.....there are a few types of anemia which can be a problem for some CLL patients, but again, not suggesting that's you either. A plan with slightly more frequent complete blood count tests might help identify any problem, if there is one, or at least identify a trend. Wishing you the best, beth

  • Thanks again!!! I think anemia has been brought up a couple times in our conversation. I guess I am on the wait and watch plan! I also wish you the very best and to be strong thru your challenges!!! Prayers go out to all with this unique illness or disease. Mitch

  • Reading over your post again, Curiosity Has the better of me. Did your doctor comment on your plt count when it was 35,000 and 45,000? If I'm understanding you, and I think I am? Using a range of 150,000 - 450,000, those are quite low. Using that range, my now 53 count is a bit alarming., but as I mentioned my highly packed marrow is likely the cause, and my CLL is old at this point. . But in general CLL alone would not be accompanied with very low plt counts in early stages. Just wondering if they've had any comments or ideas. And a weird you know what your "normal" plt count has been over the years? Or in the past when your diet/. Life style was different.

    Take care.. Beth

  • Hi Beth, I'm afraid I don't have anything before 2014. CLL was identified after I had a serious bout with the flu causing me to vomit 75 times and creating an infection and blood pool my lower abdomen. My Doc was curious on some blood numbers counts and cross-referenced with additional tests and marrow test. My Doc was OK with the stable platelet count (up 5 down 5, up 5 down 5). She mentioned she would be concerned if it falls to 30,000 or below. Then more measures would be in order. I went on Rutoxin once a week for a month, but I am one of the 25% that it didn't increase the platelet count. She saw the jump in platelets just reading the CBC/differential, but two months away from my next visit with her. All other counts are on the low end of normal, but the 50,000 jump just seems odd???? Mitch

  • Wow, that's some flu! Makes one wonder if some weird virus ticked off a sleepy CLL. Epstein Barr has been suspect in that regard, for rebounds, some say more. Who knows. Here's one piece from CLL topics updates, old now but interesting....

    It's medicine, anything is theoretically possible. Too bad you can't roust out an old platelet count. One of my doctors has a patient whose normal plt count is around 70; has been all his life or since he's been tracking it.. But the key there is that IS his normal. interesting.

    But I suppose they had to create the curve somehow.

    I've learned in CLL that nothing seems to follow the rules and expecting that "comfort" can get one into serious trouble. Strangely I've found that medics are more likely to hold that expectation than many patients.

    Best, and thanks for indulging me. Beth

  • Hi Mitch

    Lots have been said and I hope the February appointment is reassuring. What I want to add is a huge well done for putting alcohol behind you, it cannot have been easy.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Bubnjay 1 .... It's hard .... I would like to have a cold one on those hot days. But if I can live a bite longer and be healthy when those infections pop up I think that will help. 5 to 25 years without a drink in the future is going to be tough! Thanks for the support!!!

  • I also would say giving up the alcohol makes a

    Huge difference in keeping your health well .

    Best wishes to you and all .

  • Thanks ballyhoo! Those beers in the coolers at the drug stores and parties are still very tempting. Thanks for your support!!!! Mitch

  • Mitch,I wish I could pat you on the back or give you a big hug...Bye , bye booze ! My husband was an alcoholic,he got really wasted 15 1/2 yrs ago and died in a single car crash. He never got to enjoy 3 of our 4 grandchildren and they never got to know him. Anyway, koodos to you, you're a brave and strong man. Be well my friend...Cat

  • Hi Cat, I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully you have found closure over the years...having grandchildren is such a blessing! I will never drink again, but I worry about the other car on the road or texting and driving... I almost lost my life just walking on the side of the road when a person was texting and steered into me. I had to jump out of the way. This lesson should be told over and over again to our young ones. Mitch.

  • Yes I've heard texting and driving is actually worse than drinking and driving as far as distraction goes. Thanks Mitch.

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