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Second Generations TKIs for CLL, An Expert Report from Sydney

Here's another commentary and report following the iwCLL meeting of experts in Sydney, this one on the promise of second generation TkIs (tyrosine kinase inhibitors). As always, let me know what you think and please note, I am the host for an upcoming "town meeting" (patient forum) from MD Anderson in Houston. You can watch it online from anywhere, and for free, of course!. Send in your questions! Here's the link for details:

Best Wishes!

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Thank you, Andrew! These posts from Sydney keep my spirits up ...

Irina from Norway



Wow, how promising was that?!!!




Small comment for anyone considering going to that October meeting. MD Anderson is in Hounston and in the middle of the Texas Medical Center, which is an immense place -- 21 hospitals, 8 research insititutes, 3 med schools, 7 nursing schools, etc. Go to their webside and download a map before attempting to go there.

Good nearby hotels are Hilton, Marriott and Best Western. All on either Main or Fannis streets adjacent to med center. All have shuttle buses which will take you to MDA.


Excellent, encouraging video. However the title of this post is a bit misleading because although it mentions several second-generation novel therapies, it does not mention second generation TKI's.


You are right. I tried to change it but had trouble editing it.


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