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Live broadcasting record for CLL event

Wow! more than 300 Cllers, a record, have signed up to watch the Patient Power/MD Anderson/CLL Global Foundation Town Meeting on Sunday 10/25. I am the in-person host and my care partner, Esther, is the online host. Hope you can join us, if you haven't signed up already. We'll have world famous experts to answer your questions and a crowd to help you know you are not alone. See you there in Houston or online! patientpower.info/event/cll...

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Thank you for reaching out to all of us and for helping to arrange this event.

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My mission and my pleasure!


Andrew, we appreciate all that you do for us, thanx! ♥


This Patient Power event with Andrew and Esther Schorr portends to be enlightening to those of us with CLL. They make it easy to understand the complications of CLL as well empower us with otherwise hard to find knowledge. We can learn the latest in CLL treatments directly from the leaders in CLL medical circles and what's on the horizon. Do not watch and wait when it comes to watching a Patient Power event!


I have registered & will be making part of the 400 mile trip today & then driving in on Sunday morning. Looking forward to seeing all of you & hearing from the experts. I am SLL patient on Ibrutinib for 1-1/2 years. Looks like I'll need my umbrella for this trip.


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