Alcohol and the Immune System

Alcohol and the Immune System

The influence of binge and moderate alcohol drinking, along with the differences observed between beer, wine (specifically red wine) and spirits on the immune system (including the effect on vaccinations) are covered in this short overview by Kim Murphy, Immunology researcher at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia:

While the referenced studies are on trial participants from the general public and rhesus monkeys - not people diagnosed with CLL, the included references may prove interesting for those that want to explore more.


Photo: Barley ripening - one of the many steps on the way to filling that glass of beer.


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6 Replies

  • ‘People who drank wine - red wine in particular - had fewer colds than those who didn’t drink at all. And people who drank more than 14 glasses of wine per week had been the least ill that year.

    Beer and spirits didn’t appear to be protective against infection. ‘

    Does this mean Neil that Australians will give up their regular ‘tinneys’ in favour of the wine bar.??

    I have been a beer drinker for 56 years, it’s far too late to change..


  • So are we saying that drinking a (large) glass of red wine a day is good for you? Please say yes! :-) Peggy.

  • My old Dr always said to me as I was leaving .I hope you are having a glass of wine everyday and of course I said yes .

    Well you have to take notice of those in the know .

    I must say that since I have been on Ibrufinib I don't really enjoy a glass of wine like I used to


  • That's ok Brenda, I'll drink one for you as well :-) Peggy

  • Interesting! I don't enjoy wine anymore either. I've have had maybe one glass per week since being on just doesn't taste that good anymore. Here's the caveat: I have had infection after infection since being off of it. . . . one infection per month. Those infections have done permanent damage to my bronchi so I will prob. be on antibiotics 3x/week for forever. Mea culpa. . . should have stuck with the vino. It is certainly better than azithromycin!

  • Crumbs Francc I think I will persevere with the wine .I try different reds and whites but they don't taste like they used to either .I also find that some of the food that I used to enjoy don't do it for me either .

    I loved lasagne with side salad garlic bread and a good glass of Chilean ,but not any more .

    Hope you feel better soon .


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