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Immune system and sleep

Immune system and sleep.

Interesting page on the BBC website.

Towards the bottom of the page:-

What they discovered is that when the volunteers cut back from 7-1/2 to 6-1/2 hours' sleep a night, genes that are associated with processes like inflammation and immune response became more active. The team also saw increases in the activity of genes associated with the risk of cancer.

The reverse happened when the volunteers added an hour of sleep.

So the clear message from this experiment was that if you are getting less than 7 hours' sleep a night and can alter your sleep habits, even just a little bit, it could make you healthier. "Have a lie-in, it will do you good" - that's the kind of health message that doesn't come along very often.


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Hi Dick

I find I need at least 8 hours to function properly. Wonder if that is why my ALC is progressing more slowly than I fear others are experiencing. That and the exercise.

I have read somewhere that too much sleep is bad for you. Find the happy medium I expect.



I'm with you Bub on this one. 7-1/2 or 8 hours are essential for me also. That plus plenty of exercise and my numbers keep fairly steady at present.

Not sure that it is physically possible to have too much sleep, so would not think that too much sleep could ever be 'bad'.. I am excluding any drug induced sleep or sleep after over eating of course.......



Saw the same report in the newspapers about a recent study showing too much and too little sleep are both bad for you. So you've got to hit the happy medium sack - however you work that out...


Hi Sparkler

you can only do what you can do,and not worry about what you can't do. Have you always slept these hours or is it pain that wakes you. I have a friend perfectly healthy but she never has more than 5 hours. Have to admit I would be on the floor, and totally unable to function.

What you go through, and still manage to write upbeat posts and replies, leaves me full of admiration. Sparkler an appropriate name if ever there was one.

Hope today is a good day for you.



I need to get at least 8-9 hours or I cant function properly. it sucks but that's the way it is oh well could be worse im sure


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