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splinter won't heal

I have a tiny, tiny splinter in my thumb that became so swollen that I made an appointment at our local clinic. After one exploratory digging around, an xray, an ultrasound, 3 rounds of differing types of antibiotics and another digging around, all to no avail. My CLL blood counts are normal or near normal and I'm trying many different ways to bring the swelling down. Nothing is working...

Any ideas or similar stories?

Thanks and cheers,


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The baking soda/Epsom salts remedy obviously didn't work then Springie?

Is it still painful?



Yep - and still advised to keep up with the soaks, Newdawn. I should have also mentioned that they decided to stop the antibiotics when I finally told them about my Sll/Cll. Then they set up a pretty thorough set of blood tests all based on the tests my oncologist orders. A few highs and lows, but nothing stands out.

No pain except the millions of times I bump it during the daily routine!




Strange that they decided to stop the antibiotics when you mentioned your CLL/SLL diagnosis; I'd have thought that would be a good reason to continue with them! Hopefully your body will soon eject the splinter, but meanwhile you know the warning signs should the infection start to spread :( ...

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Is the splinter still in then? I was given some advice to buy magnesium sulphate from chemist, very cheap, to draw it out. Worked a treat. Peggy.


CLL= FUNGUS... that would be my second guess, if antibiotics did nothing...

I strongly recommend you get a second opinion from a dermatolgist...


Magnesium sulphate paste is very effective in drawing out 'problems'. Apply & cover - be sure to use it overnight then fresh again next day.


Hi Springie,

Have you been treated with doxycycline? I had a spider bite on my leg which became a lump and after weeks of not healing, I squeezed it (bad idea) which resulted in a painful swollen lymph node in my groin. I was referred to an infectious disease specialist who prescribed doxycycline, and it cleared up the bite and the lymph node. I was also given it for a nasty case of impetigo on my face, and it went away. Good luck, Maxine


Thanks everybody!

I've been told about many different medicines and have tried them all. It's a stubborn little thing. A few days ago my Doc did a little poking around in a hole she made – no dice there either.

Aussie Neil – forgive my ignorance, but why is it good for we CLL folks to get antibiotics? More good guys to fight the bad guys?


Why fungus? No pus or anything came out of the hole my Doc made – just blood. Is this why?


Yes, I did have doxycycline. No change.



Sorry to hear you've still got that splinter, Springie, but I'm glad you haven't had infection complications.

Because CLL compromises our immune system in multiple ways, we are more susceptible to infections and it takes longer for us to overcome them. The degree to which our CLL impacts our immune system is individual; but in general it worsens over time as well as during and after treatment. Thus we are more likely to benefit from prophylactic antibiotics for surgery (including dental work) and may need antibiotics to help us overcome an infection that someone without CLL wouldn't need*. Obviously, given the downsides associated with antibiotic use (digestive upsets through to antibiotic resistance), it would be ideal if we could avoid them, but lingering infections also come with risks!

* That's why I was surprised to hear you say" that they decided to stop the antibiotics when I finally told them about my Sll/Cll."



Thanks Neil! I will have another round of doxycycline - hope this one works!



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