Tiny Flat Red Dots on Skin

I have noticed that on both of my arms and on my upper thighs, there are tiny, pinpoint sized, spread out, blood red, and they do not itch or hurt, and are flat. I noticed them around 7 months ago in the shower. If anyone knows what these are, and could tell me, that'd be awesome. And if age/gender would help, then I'm a 15 year old female.

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  • soberGamzee, this sounds like it could be petechia, which are caused by tiny bleeds from the fine blood vessels (capillaries) just under your skin. (Search on the Web for 'petechia images' to see if these match what you have.) It can be a sign that your platelets, which clot such leaks before they are obvious, are either low in quantity or not working effectively.

    You should definitely see your doctor for confirmation and to identify the cause. At your age (15) it is highly unlikely to be CLL, but please let us know how you go. Take some reassurance from the fact that you've had them for 7 months now and you haven't mentioned feeling unwell. Whatever you do, don't go searching into the causes on line or you could unnecessarily worry yourself. (I suspect that that advice is probably too late, since you've already found our site.) Your doctor will have the experience to help you resolve this mystery, perhaps by referring you to a specialist.


  • I have had petechiae since a teenager and lived a very active life including an appearance at one Olympiad. Now at 61 I was diagnosed with CLL 4 years ago. So the relationship between the dots and CLL, may not necessarily mean anything. As in the other reply, it's worth mentioning to your doctor, but may be nothing to worry about at your age.

  • Could be petechaie, Need to check platelet count. Are you really 15 years old? Most unusual for CLL.

  • SoberGamzee,

    If you are genuinely worried (and there's no reason to say you should be), then please discuss with a parent or guardian. Have you had a diagnosis of some kind or are you just asking here as a random question?

    As I understand it the HU site age limit is 16 yrs because nothing can replace the support of your parents in any concerns you may have. Concerns which should be then discussed with your doctor. Please don't worry yourself unnecessarily or spook yourself with medical speculation on the Internet.

    Hope all turns out well,


  • My guess.. it is a typo... she says nothing about having CLL either... could be posted to the wrong community... but you are right on in your advice Newdawn. :-)

  • It very well could be Chris but it's perhaps unusual for a 51 yr old woman to use the avatar name of a troll character from an Internet game aimed at teenagers.

    Maybe she could clarify for us.


  • That might depend on the consumption of sopor slime...

  • So I have the same thing. My mom and her mom are both celiac i know it's not herritory but i would go ask your doctor for a blood test to see if that's what it is. that is what i am doing. Hope this helps.

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