How religion affects well-being in cancer patients

How religion affects well-being in cancer patients

Three meta-analyses, published in Cancer, indicate that religion and spirituality have significant associations with patients’ health. The findings with regard to physical, mental and social health respectively, showed that:

1. "Patients reporting greater overall religiousness and spirituality reported better physical health, greater ability to perform their usual daily tasks, and fewer physical symptoms of cancer and treatment."

2. “Spiritual well-being was, unsurprisingly, associated with less anxiety, depression, or distress,”

3. "Religion and spirituality, as well as each of its dimensions, had modest but reliable links with social health."

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  • Hi during chemotherapy meditation was suggested to try to help with the horrible side effects. I found it very helpful and continue even today with Christian healing and meditation. It's very relaxing and I look forward to having that time for myself. Best wishes

  • I also believe in the power of prayer, it has helped me to deal with this difficult illness we all have. God bless all.

  • My faith and prayers, and the prayers of friends and family, sustained me through the most difficult times, and continue to do so. What's more, answers to those prayers meant that I knew I would get through and live to see my young children grow up. They are both at university now and I am eternally grateful to be here enjoying family life with relative health. What a blessing!

  • There are no atheists in foxholes?

  • I have found a depth of hope and peace AD (after diagnosis) that I didn't have BC (before cancer).

  • Saw your post. I wouldn`t be able to endure all this without faith in God. Yes, I think we can`t be worry free but we are able to control it. My hematologist says I worry to much about the drug side effects but he hasn`t had to take these very powerful drugs and come off unscathed. One can not even compare them to a blood pressure pill or cholesterol pill! And we should be cautious because it`s our life we have to live with. ok won`t write a book signing offff.

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