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Anyone know What Causes A Low Igm And Vitamin D .. I have also suffer developed IBS stomach pain

Anyone know What Causes A Low Igm And Vitamin D .. I have also suffer developed IBS stomach pain

Following a blood test head scan my results come back abnormal .. I feel the doctors are holding out.

Anyway that's letter I received ... Where they talk about Igm a don't understand where it say's something else as come to light there.

Is doctor referring to test results or indeed something else I should be concerned about

Cheers thanks for your help

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If you have concerns about your healthcare, consult your doctor...

or seek a second opinion...



Hi Concerns is bit of understatement took 4 months to get results and my gp when ever I asked him about blood test even that one he said was all fine.

But mainly I have abnormal blood cells they put down to haemolysed ISSUE I have is how serious is IGM a did read once you lose it this no going back


You have a CLL diagnosis? I recall some other bloodwork report you posted... why not get a second opinion... very common in blood cancers... and likely more authoratative than a website...


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Hi thanks for your reply .. Have suspected such a diagnosis is worrying esp when you can't get a straight answer out of GP's here in UK .

I have other conditions that could of masked such a diagnosis but it dose explane why I have been so unwell of late.

Cheers thanks again ;)


Low Vitamin D and IGM are commonly low in CLL. The English syntax is sloppy but I believe that the doc is suggesting more might come to light with further testing.

I am a big believer in Vitamin D3 which is cheap and over the counter, rather than the prescribed Vitamin D2 favored by some MDs.

Stay strong

Brian Koffman


Hi Bkoffman Cheers I received letter today of my GP yes I have been prescribed HUXD3 just like you recommended ;)

But the bit about redoing blood test must of eluded my gp OR he did not read that much of neurologist letter.

Also what I wanted to talk about was CLL and Agent Orange I did read those exposed to returning soldiers kit bag's & decommissioned army transport wagons could have been exposed to Agent Orange as it what army's use in pesticides on returning solders kit bags transport something to do with that Sand Fly Lyme Dieases

What as got me talking about that is I aquarried a x army navvy van that was used solely to transport soldiers kit bags ... and that is time I started getting ill ... In all the paper work there was no bio hazard clearance certificates saying van was ok for civilian use.

Dose that sound like a possible cause Toxic Chemical exposer if indeed I do have CLL also did hear that is also cause and what is gulf war syndrome

Thanks for reply chewing grits with me


Further to bkoffman and Cllcanada's replies, it's unlikely you have CLL from the limited information you have presented. "The following results are normal or negative" I think means that there was nothing wrong found in the items listed in the following sentence. As bkoffman says 'the English syntax is sloppy", but you did say your doctor said it was all fine. Please ask your doctor to confirm that if you are still not sure.

The only apparent concerns about your health in that letter from your neurologist to your doctor are:

1) Your low vitamin D, which could simply be because you have very low sun exposure and a poor diet for vitamin D. Your neurologist has asked for you to be given "replacement treatment prescriptions". That could be easily fixed by taking cheap vitamin D3 tablets as bkoffman said and you are now taking.

2) The low IgM. The neurologist doesn't know what's causing that, but thinks it may be related to your "significant weight loss" which your neurologist understands your doctor is investigating.

You should ask your doctor to repeat those tests listed on the neurologist's letter.

I can't see anything in that letter that would indicate that your "doctors are holding out". Your neurologist says "I will follow him up as planned", which I understand means that the investigation into your health is continuing.

Agent Orange was used in the Vietnam War 50 years ago. Gulf War syndrome is something you should ask your doctor about if you served in the Gulf War which was 25 years ago.

I understand that you are worried about the possible cause of your poor health. As Cllcanada says, you should seek a second opinion if you are not satisfied with with your progress with your current doctor. Searching around health support communities for some disease that seems to fit your condition is not a good way to get an accurate diagnosis and will just stress you further. That could be why you have IBS stomach pain - you are worrying yourself sick!



Hi AussieNiel i wish it was just stress but a low vitamin D can cause IBS.

As to Igm that is idacation it is not stress alsoi suffer constant infections cause of what is un known up to now even had sepsis

A low igm there is know return also means i have blood cell disorder SO a dont really think its case of finding diease to fit with my symtoms BUT you are half right as could be infection like sepsis or something else

Currananly i have lung diease and Immunty issues BUT my issues of late have been immunity issues and blood cell disorders that are masked by my lung disease and effcts it has on my blood cells


I wish you well with your search into the causes of your ill health. It can be challenging for doctors to find the root cause of illnesses when masked by pre-existing conditions and you'll need to be patient.

You obviously understand that CLL (along with other blood conditons) can cause immunity issues. There are plenty of articles in this community on how to reduce your risk of infection/sepsis, so you are welcome to read those through. The tips in those articles should help you avoid infections even if you don't have CLL. By the way, there is a definitive blood test for CLL which will also identify if you have another B or T cell blood condition. It's called the Flow Cytometry Test.

All the best,



Hi AussieNeil Cheers my quest as taken me all round and it keeps droping leukimea or how ever its spelt at my foot .. Sepsis a dont even want to think of that but am sure its eather one.

Thanks for heads up next time i am

At my doc's am going to get him to order do one of them test.

Also this a PCT test strip kit for sepsis you can buy over counter in EU but you cant in UK.

Thanks for chat and being understanding


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I too am a fan of d3 but a) note it is oil soluble, so take a capsule which incorporates coconut oil and b) take K2 also!!


To diagnosis CLL you first need an absolute lymphocyte count > 5,000 as part of an inexpensive routine complete blood count (CBC) with differential, and those excess lymphocytes then must be checked to see if they are monoclonal B cells which is done by an expensive flow cytometry blood test. Don't borrow trouble if you don't have CLL. Lots of other cases of low IGM and low D.

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In the testing you had done were you told any information about the levels of Neutrophils? You should look at ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count). A CMP or Complete Metabolic Panel may be needed and is routinely done in the US to look for other possible causes and conditions related or not to CLL in addition to a CBC.

I am a former Viet-Nam vet who was exposed to Agent Orange and is the presumed cause of my CLL. It would be highly unlikely that any vehicle used to carry contaminated equipment would still retain enough chemical to cause your illness. If the vehicle in question had been used to transport the actual chemicals, then it might be a different story particularly if the chemicals had been spilled.

Good luck in your journey.



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