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My HU site has suddenly gone Spanish!

Has anyone else got this problem? After a while, a little box appears, asking me if I want a translation, and when I say I do, it goes into English for a while. Then it reverts to Spanish!

People's posts are still in English, it's all the other stuff that's in Spanish...

I wasn't aware of doing anything to change the language at any stage. Never realised you could.

A Perplexed Paula

P.S. I typed this in proper English, but when I clicked to submit it, it appeared on the site with some Spanish words mixed in with it, and the grammar and punctuation had changed. Very odd.

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Hi Paula,

This happens rarely - you aren't the first.

To fix this go to your Account page:

(or select 'Account' via the drop down list from your userID on the green menu bar).

I expect that you'll find that your Language Preference has switched to 'Español'. Change it back to English, click on the orange 'Save changes' button to the right and you should be reading everything in your native tongue once again.

Or you could try 'Português' if you really want :) .



Any small "e" wise gremlins in the house?


Thanks so much, Neil. It worked - I'm back to English. :-)

If it had been French not Spanish, I might have kept it that way for a while - to refresh my "O level" French from 50 years ago! :-) But I'm afraid Spanish (and Portuguese) don't work for me.



I had the same a while back and Neil sorted it out xx


Thanks for mentioning that, Sunflower. Good to know it wasn't just me... xx


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