Chemical or natural: what’s the best way to repel mozzies?

Chemical or natural: what’s the best way to repel mozzies?

As well as being annoying pests, mosquitoes are vectors for a range of diseases, which come with a range of distressing symptoms and are often difficult to cure. So with prevention most definitely far more preferable to attempting a cure, particularly for us immune compromised folk, how do we keep mozzies from biting?

Cameron Webb, Clinical Lecturer and Principal Hospital Scientist at University of Sydney, Australia gives us some excellent tips on how to avoid, and deter these pesky insects that still want your blood, even if the blood bank no longer does:


Photo: Where I find mosquitoes in the evening

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  • Hi Neil mosquitos are my worst nightmare in the summer months here in WA. When I first came to oz a long time ago now i suffered badly with bites with toxic lines running up my arm and onetime a bite turned into a huge blister! After a while I still reacted but not so viciously. Until I got CLL and now the bites are horrid and itch and burn for 3/4 days. So I am a bit paranoid about them. I have a mossie net over my bed because no matter how carful I was about keeping the door closed at dusk sometime one would sneak into the house and bite me to buggery. I use Bushman heavy duty prn. And I am O+

    Ps On catalyst this week a scientist was actually breeding mossies. And of course they had to be he thrust his arm into a glass tank and just let all these pet mossies have a good feed off him and not a bite to be seen!! Wish that was me.

    Regards Sheila

  • I don't know how scientists can do that either. I used to get big wheals from bites when I was younger, with my worst ever reaction from mozzie bites being on the first day of a camping trip holiday. We almost ended up returning home. I don't know if it is because I'm getting older or the CLL, but now insect bites don't cause anywhere near the amount of swelling they used to for me. So I can understand your near paranoia. And why do they wait until lights out to start up that teasing whine, only to stop when you turn the light on? In your case, you must wonder if they are inside or outside the net...


  • And suddenly the northern hemisphere feels very desirable....the only 'teasing whine' we hear in the UK is the sound of the cat left out in the cold!

    But how I hate them on foreign holidays so you have my sincere sympathy if they're a constant nuisance.


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