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What do research medical scientists do for fun?

What do research medical scientists do for fun?

In a distant lymphatic system far far away...

After a lengthy hiatus, Jeff Sharman shares this piece of oncology humour. The last few frames cracked me up!


Photo: The 'Super' moon taken on 12th July last year, when the moon appeared significantly larger than usual

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Very clever and funny imagery...:-)



Thanks Neil,

I really did enjoy this - especially the end bit :-) What a battle there is, going on in our blood.. But we have some worthy heroes fighting on our side :-)

I have to admit I didn't understand all the imagery and what processes it was demonstrating. Not wanting to take away the fun of it, but some non-techie explanations would be nice. Maybe someone can help out there?

Paula (with the Star Wars theme still going round my mind)


Now I want to see the original Genentech video!


I looked all over Genentech's channel on YouTube and didn't find it :(

I did find many other interesting videos for bio-geeky people on their channel, and there's probably several of interest to our community. They probably deserve their own thread.

While looking I came across this nice acapella song anthropomorphizing the natural death of a Cytotoxic T-Cell after it has finished fighting an infection:


I'm waiting for the book... books are always better than movies ;-)

But well done!

3 stars on Rotten Tomatoes...!


Google and you shall receive... ;-)

Genentech is a Roche company by the way...


Thanks for this link, Chris. It was good to have an explanation of the scientific stuff in that video (even though Jeff Sharman's version had better music and was more fun). The idea of an ABT-199 trial now becomes much more attractive...


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