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FLAIR Trial - ErnieUK Bloods before round 2 FCR

Apologies for the delay in posting this as I’ve had some issues with the anti-sickness control medication during round 2, that I’ll post on separately.

So here are my last x3 sets of figures, the “JAN” ones being at the end of round 1, just prior to starting round 2 treatment.

These figures were literally “on the day of treatment” because some results taken from a GP blood test Friday the week before didn't give me quite a high enough Neutrophil count at 0.9 to be able to start round 2. Fortunately the re-test on the day got me in at 1.6 (need a measure over 1.0 to start the round)

_______________NOV____DEC____JAN_______Units_____Normal Range

Hg___________10.6____10.8____10.4________g/dL_____Normal 13->17

WBC_________256_____303_____4.4______10^9/L____Normal 4 ->11

ALC__________238_____282_____1.9______10^9/L____Normal 1->4

Platelets_____110_____133_____184______10^9/L____Normal 150->400

Neutrophils__10.25___12.13___1.6______10^9/L____Normal 2->7

Aside: Remember the November and December Neutrophil counts were unexpectedly high and some of you suggested that was probably miscounting of the ALC as Neutrophils. With Normal ALC now I've probably got a good measure.

So apart from the Hg which has risen since the above, all the rest are now in the normal range after only one round. Of course the above does not show the levels in the bone marrow so I can’t skip the forthcoming rounds of treatment.

Low Neutrophils looks now to be the likely issue on future rounds so I’ll include that in the next post.

Other items for January:

LDH = 167 IU/L (normal 90-235) That was 433 before treatment.

GFR = >90 ml/min/1.73m*2 That was previously 76.

P.S. The Snowdrops aren't quite out yet. I also need to plant them properly tomorrow; they are actually in pots at the moment.

Best Wishes to All,


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Ernest, thanks for sharing your results - and what very encouraging results they are too. So good to see your platelets recovering so well too. How are you feeling? Are you aware of changes in you body from shrinking nodes, spleen?

Here's to a long remission and maybe even a cure, :)



Thanks Neil.

Nodes have all gone as best I can tell, even after the first round. Spleen is a bit harder to tell where it is now and certainly does not give me any significant discomfort anymore.

I'm guessing that in my case FCR isn't a cure as I'm thought to be not properly mutated. However as part of the trial as well as conventional FISH, there are hoped to be genetic tests done in parallel, so there is still some chance of my prognostics being different from what I'm guessing. Will have to wait and see.

Kind Regards to All,



That looks great Ernie. I'm very pleased for you. Sorry to hear of the earlier sickness problems, but these results might make that feel worthwhile. Let's hope the marrow is clearing too. Mine is stuck at 90% infiltrated, but apparently it's the hardest bit to clear. Blood first, then tumours, then marrow.


Thanks Graham.

Yes that is on my mind. Obviously the reason you need x6 treatment sessions with FCR to get into the marrow, and won't know anything there until the the next BMB.


S0 pleased to hear from and about you Ernie regardng your FCR treatment. So far its great news and i,m so pleased for you. You take care and i look forward to your next post which should be even better.

Best Wishes



Thanks Sue.

I guess my problem is going to be various white cell counts e.g. Neutrophils that are too low, but will have to handle that when I get there.


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