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3 Time Cancer Survivor Turned Chief Eternal Optimist

After my third diagnosis, which was a metastasis to my left lung, I made the very conscious decision to live life in a different way. I learned to meditate to still my mind, put better things in my body, and eventually left the very stressful news business to focus more on my work as a health advocate. Living life as a Chief Eternal Optimist is a choice: A choice to look through a lens of love rather than fear. I've been cancer-free now for seven years, but I really count those years one day at a time. I get up each morning feeling incredibly grateful that I’m still here. We should all do that.

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Bravo Shazie,

Cancer too often can deflect our attention from living and practicing gratitude. I have always been amazed by what I have to be grateful for no matter how dark some days might seem.



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