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CLL and Fatty Acids

Hi. My husband has CLL. He has had FCR ending in February and is in (partial) remission. His white cell counts are low n = 1.4 l=0.4 and lymphocytes are stable so far so mostly good news. we are getting on with life. However I just found this link and wondered what everyone thought of the effect of fatty acids on CLL?



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Hi TigerFox

The link you reference deals with COX-2, do you mean Omega 3 fatty acids?

There have been a couple of lab experiments on Omega 3 and CLL cells...



Tigerfox, did you include the correct link? Perhaps you intended this one?

Chaya Venkat's comments from January 2005 may be of interest:

I received a certificate warning (out of date) for Chaya's site, but I consider it is a safe site to visit. :)



I haven't a clue what this report is indicating! Can someone translate this into layman terms please?


I presume you are referring to the certificate report? Basically, secure Internet sites (ones starting with https://) use certificates from a trusted authority to establish the secure link between you and the site. The information from the site is encrypted before being sent to you and decrypted by your browser. Anyone intercepting the link won't be able to read what you are reading.

These certificates need to be replaced before an end date. Sometimes a certificate can expire before the site administrator updates it. Your browser then doesn't know if the certificate can be trusted, so you get that warning report.

It is good security practice to quickly leave such a site, but if you trust the site and consider that perhaps the problem has just happened because site is no longer regularly maintained (like Chaya's site) and you aren't worried if anyone could read what you are receiving from that site, then it is low risk accepting the browser's option to continue. You definitely wouldn't do it if you were reading highly confidential information or doing financial transactions thought!

Hope that translation helps.



I'm wondering if like me, Maureen is actually referring to the content of the original link which is scientifically baffling!



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