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Finding content on HealthUnlocked

Finding content on HealthUnlocked

There are now close to 2,400 posts and questions on our HU CLLSupport site. We now have almost 18,000 posts, questions and replies, plus we adding new content at the rate of about 1,000 posts, questions and replies each month. There are several ways you can search for past content to answer a CLL related question:

1) Use the HU Search facility. If you want your search to return information that is CLL specific, then add CLL as one of your search terms. Otherwise you may find your answer from one of the other 500 or so communities. While the HU search isn't that good for very specific CLL topics, it is reasonable for many common health related queries.

2) Use a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This will only work on posts/questions that are not closed to just our community (closed posts are indicated by a padlock icon near the title). To limit your search to the HealthUnlocked site when using Google, include the term in your search. Include the search term 'CLLLSupport' to limit responses to this community.

You can always ask your question of course, particularly if previously submitted content isn't relevant to your situation, but you may have to wait for an answer...



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