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CLL and Hepatitis B vaccine

My medical team are checking this, however I wondered if anyone here has already been through this?

I had a discussion with the nurse at my local GP yesteday as I am off on vacation soon. The question is simple - can we living with CLL have the Hepatitis B vaccine?

I found several pieces of info on the web last night about CLL and Hep B risks but could find nothing on whether we could have the jabs.


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Hep B is only a small 'bit' of the virus... a subunit or conjugated vaccine




Dr. Hamblin also advised that it was OK...


Safe Holidays!



Ha! Thanks Chris, couldnt see for looking. Rob


Hi Rob,

I had the HiB and Meningococcal C last year.


Looks like I know where this is going ...... more holes.

Thanks Mikey47


My consultant recommended it and I have been trying to get the gp to do it for several weeks as I couldn't get an appointment for the script then the nurse in on leave. I have vaccine in the fridge but no one to stick it in me. Hep b is recommended in case we need blood products at any stage.


So, the GPs nurse communicated with consultant. Getting first installmentthis week. Apparently vaious options, was told the now, one month, six month course (3 injections) is the most effective. Anything seems better than nothing.

Thanks to all forreplying,rob


I was wondering now because so many parents have not immunized their kids and measles are on the rise, if we should get that shot?


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