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ASCO 2014: Dr. Kipps Discusses ROR1 and Information about a New ROR1 Monoclonal Antibody (cirmtuzumab) Trial in Relapsed and Refractory CLL


Cirmtuzumab, a ROR1 monoclonal antibody is finally here in a Phase 1 clinical trial at UCSD after years of promise. The hope is that it will be as effective and targeted in real patients as it has been in the lab. Its promise is that it will just massively kill the CLL clone and spare the normal B cells unlike the CD20 mAb, whatever generation. That would be a real bonus, but it is a Phase 1 trial.

On my blog ( ), I review the back story of ROR1with a video interview with Dr. Kipps and discuss more about the ethical design of Phase 1 trials.

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Here's the news release from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) on ROR1:


PS Brian, I've edited your above post to include spaces between the brackets and the link to your blog so the link works.




Hi I have heard of this protein before and if successful this, as I understand it, would make our own immune system kill off the Cll cells without damage to other cells. In other words our own immune system would act "normal". Thank for the video.


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