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ONCOLOGY Review Articles: September 2014 Issue‏. Plenty of interesting reading

ONCOLOGY Review Articles: September 2014 Issue‏.  Plenty of interesting reading

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plus articles of possible interest throughout the month:


An Overview of Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Dysfunction, or ‘Chemobrain’

Halle C. F. Moore

This review will focus largely on the effects of systemic cytotoxic treatment on cognitive function, reflecting what has been most extensively studied in the literature. It should also be noted that much of the research on this topic has been conducted in breast cancer patients, as they represent the largest group of long-term cancer survivors who have had frequent exposure to chemotherapy.

Plus much on Heterogeneity and Cancer

Heterogeneity and Cancer

Kimberly H. Allison and George W. Sledge, Jr

Cancer heterogeneity, long recognized as an important clinical determinant of patient outcomes, was poorly understood at a molecular level. Genomic studies have significantly improved our understanding of heterogeneity, and have pointed to ways in which heterogeneity might be understood and defeated for therapeutic effect.

Followed by not one, but two commentaries on the above plus a To Put That Into Context... While the article, commentaries and context are about solid tumours, the same quandary is an issue in trying to determine how our particular version of CLL will progress.

Plenty to help with insomnia!


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