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So just what IS a b-cell anyway?

Dunno about you guys, but some of the terminology the consultants use baffles the hell out of me... I have no clue what my leukocyte count is, or if the numbers they mention are good or bad... The consultant reads numbers and terms to my blood tests that I simply don't understand!

So is there a definitive site or chart where I can look up what is happening to my bloods? I've tried google but there are conflicting results. Appreciate any help!

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I agree that there's rarely a chart that explains in lay-man's terms David but this one is pretty useful I've found;

Explanation of leukocytes (doesn't get any simpler I'm afraid!). Hope it helps in some way.



David, Wikipedia explains it well, but it quickly gets very technical. and B-cells are only one of the leukocytes that go towards making up our blood. (And that's why we have haematologists that make it their life's work to understand all this complexity for us and help us when our blood develops problems.)

Have you looked at the videos in the links in this post?

I'd suggest just reading/viewing enough to satisfy yourself and perhaps coming back to learn more in the future; there's always more to understand! If you have specific questions, I'm sure you won't be the only person with them, so don't hesitate to ask away.



PS Meant to say I love your profile background picture!


Seeing that Neil had loved your profile background picture, David MF. I went to check it out. WOW.. Amazing.. Where was it taken? What's below the falling person? Maybe it's a photoshop creation, but it's still very powerful...


I have to admit that the "balancing person" has been added to the landscape through Photoshop.... the image is designed to show how CLL makes me feel!

Do help yourselves if you want it - I can make a new one for my profile.


I think your "balancing person" looks more like an "about to fall into the pit" person! The fiery, threatening skies add to the drama. Yes, CLL can make us feel like that... about to fall into the unknown... Let's hope there's a safety net underneath, to catch us all...

You'll have to write a new post so you can put that photo at the top... Not so many people see our profile banners.


I have found the 'chalk talks by Khan Academy to be useful... there are also other videos on the immune system, since everything interacts...

Also Antibodies

You might ask your consultant to record your appointments then you can review them at a later date... many doctors are amenable to this...



David -

I found your post while doing a search. Maybe someone else will wander in, too.

Several of us here really like the way that Chaya Venkat explains things for lay people. She posted to a site that is no longer being updated as of 2 years ago, but her info for newly diagnosed patients is still great:

There's a link on that page to this page on White Blood Cell Counts:



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