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Finished the 10k on Sunday

I did it ,all the way ,through the hard paved streets of London in my CLLSA T shirt with the sound of faster runners feet pounding in my ears. So the first one home did it in 15 minutes and I took almost 2 hours - but for me I was able to read the time as I passed Big Ben, see the Thames under Westminster Bridge and not have sweat stinging my eyes. There was a wee bit of jogging but mostly brisk walking.

As I sit here with my feet in a nice bowl of hot salty water I contemplate on just how generous all you great and supportive people have been.

With a fair bit of help from many of you , especially the kind sole who donated the last £15 to get me to a thousand, I have now raised more than a £1,000 having received another donation from some one called Anonymous. Anonymous is so generous and made so many donations - but I don't know who he/she is , but thank you Mr, or Mrs Anonymous for your exceeding generosity.

A huge thank you from me for supporting me , and another even bigger thank you for adding funds to the CLLSA pot.

Shall I do it again next year, ummm I hope so.

Oh and just in case you forgot to donate the Just Giving page is still open all ways have been a bit cheeky !!

Thank you .


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Well done you! A tremendous achievement and hope the feet feel better soon!

Warm regards,



Thanks for your support and kind comments


Well done Bill, yer an inspiration ... No Cheek - No Charity ... keep rattling that tin !


Thanks for your support and up lifting comments


Feel like a new "old man "this morning thanks for your support


Nice one go have a beer you have earned it.


Had two beers after the race !!


Well done William you are an example to us all.

I'm sure you got more out of the day than other runners, be proud!



Thanks for your support and yeas it did give me a good feeling


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