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Smelling Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Might Be Good For Your Health

Smelling Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Might Be Good For Your Health

I thought this was an interesting (if slightly humorous) look at some new research on the possible benefits of hydrogen sulfide gas which all of us emit probably daily. I guess those of us who have CLL have to have a bit of a good sense of humor, so hopefully this will be taken nicely. Besides, those of us in Tel-Aviv the past couple of weeks have been spending a few minutes each day hearing sirens, having rockets shot at us, and spending a bit of time in bomb shelters, so I especially am eager for some good news. :-)

Here is the text:

The next time someone at your office lets out a "silent but deadly" emission, maybe you should thank them. A new study at the University of Exeter suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide — a.k.a. what your body produces as bacteria breaks down food, causing gas — could prevent mitochondria damage. Yep, the implication is what you're thinking: People are taking the research to mean that smelling farts could prevent disease and even cancer.

The study, published in the Medicinal Chemistry Communications journal, found that hydrogen sulfide gas in rotten eggs and flatulence could be a key factor in treating diseases.

"Although hydrogen sulfide gas is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases," Dr. Mark Wood, a professor at the University of Exeter, said in a statement.

Here is an article on this:

Here is the announcement from the University of Exeter with links to the research:

Photo: A snapshot I took yesterday of the Mediterranean Sea from Caesarea, Israel.

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I know my husband would endeavour to oblige with any health strategy that could help me but somehow I won't be mentioning this one! Lol...:-)

Interesting idea but it's not what I had in mind as 'the wind beneath my wings!'.


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Of course there is an App for that... actually there are two! ;-)

Now you can email a fart-to-a-friend! Sorry no hydrogen sulphide... the

next generation iPhone may have an odour chip...

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"The answer my Friends is blowing in the wind,The answer is blowing in the wind"

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I have two English Bulldogs that would be happy to make a substantial 'donation' to anyone interested or brave enough.

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with all that is going on around you, I have to say I admire your indomnitable sense of humour. On a lighter note I hope your post was not triggered by personal experience of the effect of hydrogen sulfide.

Based on your post I guess a number of folk who own dogs that are windy are wondering why they have CLL.

Stay safe



Hey Bubnjay, thanks for your wishes. Yes, with my talents in producing hydrogen sulfide gas, and being a witness to the similar expertise and know-how of the many dogs and people I have been next to, I also wonder why we all haven't been protected more from CLL. :-)


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