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That's it then FCR here we come

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WBC 118

RBC 3.34

HGb 110 (11)

HCT 0.34

MCV 101.3

MCH 32.9

MCHC 325

RDW 15.4

PLT 15.4

Neut percent 0.9

Lymph percent 79.6

Absolute Nuets 1.02

Absolute Lmphs 94.39

Been waiting for the call to the cocktail bar and got it today after concern about Nuets fortunately no problems with genome results so should have no problem with FCR other than some side effects possibly.

After 14 years it was bound to happen some time so here we go in a couple of weeks.

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Ah sorry to hear that Cammie but I suppose 14 years is pretty good going. Did they discuss any alternative treatments with you or does it have to be FCR?

Whatever happens I hope you weather it really well. Do you feel emotionally prepared for it now or is it still a shock when 'cocktail hour' comes round?



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Cammie in reply to Newdawn


Thanks for the good wishes I think no matter how long on w and w it's never easy when the time comes but hey we must go with the flow as I don't like the alternative very much ha ha!

Remember that many people achieve remission of 8-10 yrs after FCR, though no guarantees.Good luck .

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

I would ask about bendamustine/rituxan BR... recent study looks at comparing it with FCR...

Dr. Sharman discusses the study here...

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Congratulations Cammie on achieving W&W for 14 years and thanks for sharing that and your latest blood test results. It looks like all of your blood counts have been adversely impacted to some degree or another by CLL, not just your neutrophils. Very pleasing to hear that your genome test came back OK for FCR.

I would hope that your platelets are higher than you've shown and it's just a typo where you've repeated the RDW result. :)

I admire your positive attitude and may it serve you well as you enter treatment. Here's to a much better set of results in a few months time!


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Cammie in reply to AussieNeil


Good spot plt should read 97 (15.4 would be a bit of a shock)

Thanks to all who have replied and I very much appreciate the support!

Only hope the cocktail doesn't cause too much trouble I need to keep golfing to keep my sanity.

Go Cammie and good luck for your treatment, just look forward to the new life at the other end of the treatment.

Keep us informed (if you are up to it) on your progress.



Good luck Cammie you know we will all be wishing you well. Fasten your eyes on the future when you will feel like your old self again.

Be thinking of you.


Good luck Cammie. I was onto FCR in less than 2 years (and endless searching for alternative approaches) post diagnosis - so am quite jealous of your 14 years :)

The good news - FCR is not as grim as I had expected. Not fun, but I am quite sure (having seen the effects of other chemo/RT regimes) that it is relatively benign. And with good remission (fingers crossed) we can hope to be in the era where the new generation of drugs provide real long-term alternatives to poisoning ourselves!. IF the drug companies are willing to reduce the prices to affordable levels.

All the very best - it will be fine.

Hi Cammie, I am also waiting on that cocktail call. My WBC is up to 387 and Hg has dropped to 95. I have been trying to hang on for the FLAIR trial but that looks unlikely now as no confirmed date as yet!

Good luck! Jacqueline

good luck Cammie,hope all goes well

All the very best Cammie - I completed FCR 3 months ago following 5 years on w&w. Feel so much better now.

Good luck, we're all rooting for you. Keep positive and keep in touch.


Thanks for all the positive vibes guys life is full of these little challenges so let's all live it to the full!

Positive attitude attracts positive results so let's keep moving onwards and upwards!

Commie, 14 years! Good for you. I got 4 years from dx to FCR.

My treatment was triggered; thanks to a CAT Scan, by multiple enlarged lymph nodes particularly in my bowel lining and stomach.

FCR has been kind to me. (Okay, maybe kind isn't the right word). FCR #3 = awful fatigue FCR # 4 = minor nausea for weeks 1-3.

Tomorrow July 10, 2014 I attend hospital - results of recent CAT Scan and scheduled FCR #5 ??

I wish you good fortune on your journey. If you have my experience you have little to fear from FCR (other than fear itself).

Here are my numbers. The first # is pre FCR on March 12, 2014

The second # is how things have changed BEFORE my forth FCR on June 12, 2014

82.4 WBC 4.1

4.68 RBC 4.43

13.5 HGb 13.6

0.42 HCT 0.39

89.1 MCV 89.0

28.8 MCH 30.7

32.4 MCHC 34.3

203 PLT 196

4.0 Abs Nuets 2.4

75.6 Abs Lmp 0.07

I love my numbers and am having great fun colouring-in graphs for each component. (Little amuses the innocent but Who would have thought CLL had such hidden amusement). :-)

Hi Cammie

Wishing you all the luck with your treatment x Love your positive attitude - I am sure it will see you through your challenge x

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