I seem to have succumbed to a Candida infection down the front of my legs and the upper facia of my arms (areas weakened by exposure to the sun!). Seeing my GP tomorrow so hopefully will be on antifungals soon and not relying on Germoline to ease the pruritus. Doesn't seem to be spreading but, by God, it itches! The cost of being on long term antibiotics I suppose.

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  • I don't know if this would be a good thing to help - you would need to check - but I find tea tree oil is amazing at stopping the itching of fly bites, and is supposed to be good as an antifungal. Would a mild mix of the essential oil and a carrier oil be worth trying?

  • Thanks. The GP has recommended Canestan H application twice a day, we'll see how that goes.

  • Good stuff - hope it works well for you. The itching is unbearable!

  • someone told me that Candida is exacerbated by yeast and sugar, could be worth trying to limit them.

  • Thanks Molly. I don't have a sweet tooth and my intake of yeast has gone down somewhat since I stopped drinking beer 6 months ago!. Candida is one form of yeast that lives normally on the skin and is usually kept in check by the other normal flora but the post-chemo long term Septrin depletes these letting the Candida rip if there's any weakness on the skin and I got a bit sunburned the other week and voila FUNGAL INFECTION! That'll learn me, us Scots should stay out of the sun - its not good for us!!

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