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Possible herpes

Our grandson has a very swollen upper lip which could be herpes. He has been staying with us some this summer. Should he stay home until it is cleared up? I have had 5 rituxan, one BR, now doing Ibrutinib. ( 4th week). Just had labs done my onc didn't seem overly concerned about numbers. Have been enduring occasional Bigeminy (double heart beats) which started after BR. Cardiologist had adjusted toprol and monitoring me weekly. Otherwise doing ok except the bigeminy, fatigue, joint aches. Dr on vacation for the week. I figure someone on the site might be more informed than my GP as to the risk if my grandson were to stay with us while possibly infected with herpes. So I look forward to hearing your collective opinions. Thanks so much.

Angela Galbreath

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Please don't laugh at what I am going to write.

I used to suffer terribly from herpes, when the weather changed drastically, whenever I flew etc. People thought I had been beaten up.My father suffered too, I wonder if it is genetic or we infected each other. Then I discovered honey, old fashioned honey, the best antibiotic out. When I feel the slightest twitch on my lips, I put honey on them and the problem disappears. It's important to catch it before it spreads at all. I haven't had a single case since. Honey is obviously good for stings and burns, but a bit sticky!

Good luck with whatever you decide, and have a safe summer


Thank you for the reminder about the benefits of raw honey. As it turns out the doctor diagnosed it as impetigo and put him on an antibiotic cream. I bet the honey would help that too! In the meantime this has ended up being a great opportunity to help inform the whole family about the importance of good hygiene. Thank you for the reply.

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If your immunity is low, you shouldn't eat raw honey, nor should you put it on open wounds. It needs to be heat treated. I'm not sure what that does to the antibiotic properties...


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