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What is more important .... health research or money?

Daily Mail Health News - Pfizer takeover bid of Astra Zeneca

Yesterday, MPs were warned that Pfizer’s bid will cost lives by delaying the development of anti-cancer drugs.

The firm’s research chief Mene Pangalos warned the deal would have a potentially ‘devastating’ impact, with wide-ranging implications for jobs, science and the development of life-saving drugs

Astra Zeneca - " We cannot rule out doing a deal because ultimately we have to make sure we represent the interests of our shareholders "

..... There is nothing more dispiriting as 'man's inhumanity to man ' - Robert Burns.

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Hi I think every one in the UK feels that this deal is going to be wrong. I just hope the anti vote gets its way.


Our eyes are on Johnson and Johnson (Ibrutinib) at the moment, are they not?


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