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A necessary trial


I just posted on my blog about my thoughts of a potential trial for those of us doing well on a TKI but still with residual disease. That is not a small number of patients and our ranks are growing fast.

I have always said ibrutinib was like hitting a triple, but please don't leave us stranded on 3rd base.

Please see bkoffman.blogspot.com

Just back for OSU where I am approaching two years on ibrutinib. Labs are near perfect.

Stay strong. We are all in this together.


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I would certainly agree with your proposal, Brian.

I am, though, at a relatively early stage in my RESONATE2 study (just started my 8th cycle of Imbruvica). I am not expecting a CR or MRD- outcome as I have the 11q- and almost certainly unmutated. The study ends in February 2016 by which time I may have relapsed or not.

I'm wondering how your Immunoglobulins are. My bloods are almost back to normal with the exception of the Immunoglobulins.

Congratulations on your continuing good results. Long may they continue.

I see you had a 'blood moon' to accompany passover last night. I found this interesting:


Thanks for all your contributions,



Pleased to hear you continue to do well Brian.

Long may it continue. Costs continue to be a big stumbling block in the UK for us and other cancers.

As Cllcanada says, Hope!



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