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Can't pronounce the name of your medicine? Here's why!


Many of us would know that mab in a drug name means the drug is a Monoclonal AntiBody and this logical approach generally extends for other drug's generic names. As for the brand name - well that's another matter.

Nial Wheate, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of Sydney explains more:


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Good article... to add complexity, drugs in the North America market are often named differently than drugs in the UK and Europe. Case in point... Rituxan and MabThera.

For generic drug names the USAN has a naming convention system, which you can find on this spreadsheet...


I love that advert for "Parker's Ginger Tonic". Very tempting :-) Just hold up the bottle and all your ailments run away in horror :-) I wonder what year it was from?


P.S. Nice kangaroo, Neil, or is it a wallaby?

.... Can't pronounce the name of your medicine?

Whitskay ... Whipsky .... Whiksey ......... Scothch ........... Beer!

If I were to go to one of those conferences, where the great, the good and the learned are discussing all the new treatments and drugs for CLL patients, I'm afraid that I would be sitting with the same blank look that Homer Simpson has when someone intelligent is talking to him ......

.... Is it just me or is that wallaby needing to go to the toilet ?

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