Ibrutinib Approved in the USA for CLL Patient after at least one prior therapy

Hi friends,

Ibrutinib got a pretty clean approval from the FDA today for CLL.

Anyone who had at least one prior therapy is a candidate for the drug.

For most but not all us that is very good news that means it should be much easier to get the drug outside of a clinical trial.

Our body and blood will still be needed for more clinical trials to broaden the indications and explore appropriate combinations.

I have posted on my speculations on what that might mean on my blog: bkoffman.blogspot.com


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  • Thanks Brian, I know you are excited as you have received this medicine in a trial and it's renewed your life. For the members here, here's the video comment you made a few months ago as research was about to pop into the clinic anytime (no it's happening!): patientpower.info/video/adv... Obviously whether it is available will depend upon country, insurance etc, and funds. That's a whole other story!

  • It's a great start, but only a start to getting the new therapies to all who might benefit.

  • Here's OncLive's coverage of the FDA approval of Ibrutinib:


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