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Searching for information

Hi I was diagnosed with T cell lymphocytic leukaemia this year after having survived breast cancer last year. Although I have a positive outlook as am only at the indolent stage, there is very little information out there and what is available is all about the aggressive stages. Does anyone know a bit more about what I am likely to face? Consultant says ,the last person he had at early stage was stable for three years before needing treatment but he was slightly older than myself. I know the treatment is likely to be chemo but what else is available?

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I'm sorry to hear your diagnosis. CLL/SLL is a B cell lymphoma/leukemia so unfortunately much of what is here won't apply to you.

Do you know your type of T cell lymphoma?

You might find this page of interest, and follow the links at the bottom for more information..

UK info


Hello Babs

i have just posted a few current papers from UK expert Dr Clare Dearden of The Royal Marsdon to your other post

it would appear that indolent stable T-PLL is managed with watch and wait similar to CLL but more closely as progress can occur rapidly. You are right Dr Dearden confirms that watch and wait in T-PLL is variable and 3 years for some may be the case. The 2013 management guidelines give some idea of the treatments that may be required one day.

In CLL we are becoming increasingly aware of new drugs available for some of us in clinical trials some UK CLL treatment centres may be treating the majority of patients with new drugs in trial . I am afraid i don't know of the T-PLL picture.

i am sure others will be able to share with you here who are on watch and wait,



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