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The challenges of treating C-diff prior to treating CLL

In response to other messages I've read for those of us with CLL/SLL; My CLL (previously 'dormant') flared up along with the discovery of C-diff and lymphoma...(Not a fun holiday season for me, either). WE learned that Flagyl doesn't work given our compromised immune systems and that most Insurance Companies won't pay for the one drug that WILL work, Vancomycn. 'Vanco' started in the hospital showed early signs of working BUT your Doc's Rx for Vancomycn CAPSULES costs $3,000! and your insurance company won't pay for it. You can go BACK into the Hospital and have your Dr. prescribe Vanco, in the LIQUID form normally used as an IV, mixed up by the Hospital Pharmacy costing you about $50 for a 14 day supply! Anyone who's suffered with C-diff, knows you can't let this go on forever. When the C-diff is 'cured' you can begin talking about Chemotherapy for your CLL/SLL with your oncologist.

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Why not try fecal pills or perhaps a fecal transplant.... very high cure rate for chronic C.diff...


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