The myth of age-related cognitive decline

The myth of age-related cognitive decline

Many of us find we have difficulties with concentration and are unsure if this is due to our CLL, is age related or caused by some other factor. Recent research is turning on its head long held beliefs and holding out promise of effective techniques that can help us improve our ability to learn, concentrate and improve our long term memory. It seems that a significant factor behind why we take longer to remember things is because we have so much more in our memories, so it takes us longer to sort through them to find what we are trying to recall. Just like computers slow down over time, so do we, but we are much more likely to remember something that a younger person knows nothing about.

From a recent article on "The Conversation" The tide is changing in our understanding of old age. For a long time, behavioural scientists have thought that old age is associated with cognitive decline such as memory problems, and difficulties in learning and concentration.

But in this month’s Topics in Cognitive Science, linguistics researcher Michael Ramscar and collaborators demonstrate that this way of thinking may be fundamentally wrong.

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Cognitive Training Has Long-Term Beneficial Effects

I've certainly found that my ability to concentrate is worsened by fatigue and illnesses associated with CLL and have found that exercise and vitamin D supplements have helped me.


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  • AussieNeil,

    Great topic and timely for me. This is the current big CLL question for me. My mental acuity to me appears to be diminishing. I spoke with my oncologist about this at my last visit and he confirmed the effects of CLL on cognitive functions and said it was just part of it, that little could be done, and it will only get worse.

    It is my understanding that not all doctors are in agreement with this but, seemingly, patients believe in the connection.

  • Not my view... Not everything can be blamed on CLL...

  • More on the long term benefits of mental exercises - Brain workouts benefit older adults 10 years later:


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