ASH 2013: Dr. Wiestner Discusses Why Therapy in CLL Needs to be Individualized


I just posted my first interview from ASH 2013 where Dr. Wiestner discusses in some depth the heterogeneity of our disease and the treatment implications

Check out

On my way home form meeting some patient advocates and enjoying Greece.

Stay strong


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  • Many thanks Brian, it's an education. That helped to put a lot of things together.

    Been thinking of the word spectrum for a while, so good to hear it from an expert.

    And great to see you looking well again, hope the problems a bit back have now subsided.

    Best wishes for Christmas to everyone, and have a great new year.


  • Thanks. Happy holidays.

  • You are a good man Brian and thanks.

    All have a great festive season.


  • Hi Many thanks for all your videos it helps to explain this disease. Best wishes have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

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